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Sage and Ace's litter
Mini Goldendoodles expected weight 18-20 lbs
BOrn December 15th
Go home date February 11
Expected weight 18-20 lbs

   Cost $3,000 - Reserve your new puppy today using the buy now button or contact us for additional electronic forms of payment


Ace - Sire
18 lbs

Sage - Dam
20 lbs

Taquito (3).jpg
Taquito (1).jpg
Taquito (2).jpg

Previous Puppies

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Dumpling (2).jpg
Small Fry (3).jpg
Small Fry (1).jpg
Small Fry (2).jpg
Tater Tot (1).jpg
Tater Tot (4).jpg
Tater Tot (3).jpg
We offer free delivery to Las Vegas and can personally deliver anywhere in the US if needed. Contact us for details 
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