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Born: April 3rd - Go home date: May 25th

mini irish goldendoodles - expected weight 15-20 lbs

Maple + bentley


Maple - Dam
36 lbs


Bentley - Sire
11 lbs

We have several delivery options to choose from:

1. You may pick up your puppy at our home in Southern Utah.

2. We deliver to Las Vegas for free, whether you live there or would like to meet there.  This includes the LAS Vegas Airport if you choose to fly in to pick up your puppy.
(installment plans do not qualify for free delivery to Las Vegas.  Vegas delivery on installment plans is an additional $150)

3. You can pay for us to fly with your puppy in the cabin to meet you at your nearest major airport. please reach out for individual pricing.

4. you can pay for us to personally drive your puppy to your home. Please reach out for individual pricing. 


If you would like information on any of our available puppies, feel free to call or text. Troy 435-619-4488 or Jayma 435-705-4355

Rotini (3).jpg
Rotini (2).jpg
Rotini (1).jpg
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Rotini - Female

Ramen (1).jpg
Ramen (2).jpg
Ramen (3).jpg
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Ramen - Female

Bowtie (3).jpg
Bowtie (2).jpg
Bowtie (1).jpg
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Bowtie - Male

Fettuccine (3).jpg
Fettuccine (2).jpg
Fettuccine (1).jpg
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Fettuccine - Female

Tortellini (2).jpg
Tortellini (3).jpg
Tortellini (1).jpg
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Tortellini - Male

Macaroni (3).jpg
Macaroni (2).jpg
Macaroni (1).jpg
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Macaroni - Male

Udon (3).jpg
Udon (2).jpg
Udon (1).jpg
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Udon - Male

Penne (3).jpg
Penne (2).jpg
Penne (1).jpg
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Penne - Female

Ravioli (1).jpg
Ravioli (2).jpg
Ravioli (3).jpg

Ravioli - Reserved by S Chase and will be living in Arizona!

Ziti (3).jpg
Ziti (2).jpg
Ziti (1).jpg

Ziti - Reserved by J Vargas and will be living in Arizona!

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