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Reservation list for
Claire and Marlo's litter 
Goldendoodles - Expected weight 40 lbs
born march 9th
go home date may 6th
COst $2,500



Claire - Dam
53 lbs


Marlo - Sire
 27 lbs

We offer free delivery to Las Vegas and can personally deliver anywhere in the US if needed. Contact us for details 
Brie (6).jpg
Brie (5).jpg
Brie (7).jpg

Brie - Female

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Rye (7).jpg
Rye (8).jpg
Rye (13).jpg

Rye - Reserved - T Fletchall


Jack - Reserved - R Santos 

Pita (9).jpg
Pita (2).jpg
Pita (11).jpg

Pita - Reserved - L Perez Jr

Olive (4).jpg
Olive (2).jpg
Olive (9).jpg

Olive - Reserved - L Goodman

Havarti (4).jpg
Havarti (1).jpg
Havarti (3).jpg

Havarti - Reserved - C Dreyer

Graham (2).jpg
Graham (4).jpg
Graham (13).jpg

Graham - Reserved - A Franklin

Gouda (1) - Copy.jpg
Gouda (2) - Copy.jpg
Gouda (3) - Copy.jpg

Gouda - Reserved - L Bartlett

Fig (1) - Copy.jpg
Fig (3) - Copy.jpg
Fig (2) - Copy.jpg

Fig - Reserved - Dennett's Doodles

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