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Reservation list for
Roxy and Toby's litter 
Sheepadoodles - Expected weight 30-35 lbs
born april 29th, 2023
go home date June 24th
Cost $2,500


image0 (22).jpeg

Roxy - Dam
48 lbs


Toby - Sire
11 lbs

We have several delivery options to choose from:
1. You may pick up your puppy at our home in Ivins Utah.  we are Two hours from Las Vegas.
2. We deliver to Las Vegas for free, whether you live there or would like to meet there.  This includes the LAS Vegas Airport if you choose to fly in to pick up your puppy.(installment plans do not qualify for free delivery to Las Vegas.  Vegas delivery on installment plans is an additional $150)
3. You can pay for one of our flight nanny's to fly with your puppy in the cabin to meet you at your nearest major airport. please reach out for individual pricing.
4. you can pay for one of our ground transport companies to personally drive your puppy to your home. Please reach out for individual pricing. 

Roxy's Puppies


Mike Wazowski - Reserved - M Hicks


Yetti - Reserved - C Brown


Randall Boggs - Reserved - S Perez


George - Reserved - B Jorgensen


Smitty - Reserved - N Arora


Spike - Reserved - M Rimorin


Boo - Reserved - J Rueda


Celia - Reserved - K Roskowick


Mr Waternoose - Reserved - A Claridge


Roz - Reserved - Dennett's Doodles


Sulley - Reserved - Dennett's Doodles

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