What to expect when you purchase from

Every puppy we place in a home will be a healthy, well-rounded puppy.  All of our parents and partner breeders are required to have full panel genetic testing to ensure that all of our puppies will be healthy and an amazing addition to your family.

We also provide the following:

Every puppy will receive a clean bill of health from our vet prior to leaving to their new home.

All of our puppies come with a one year genetic health guarantee.  If your puppy is found to have a congenital defect, we will replace your puppy with a new one from a future litter.  We extend our guarantee to two years if NuVet supplements are purchased and given for the full two years.

They will be current on their shots and deworming.

All puppies will be introduced to potty training and will be well on their way to getting it figured out.


Each puppy will go home with a basket containing:

 * A puppy blanket with the scent of their mom and litter

 * A chew toy for them to play with

 * A sample of NuVet with a discount code to get them a head start to a healthy life

 * A starter kit of food to get you going

 * A container of wood pellets for potty training

 * Weekly weight and growth information from birth to adoption 

 * A potty training puppy guide for rapid success

 * A biting/nipping guide

 * The puppies vaccination and deworming records

 * A lifetime of assistance for whenever you have concerns or questions

If at any point you are unable to take care of your puppy for any reason, we ask that you bring the puppy back so that we may find a new home for it.  We want all of our puppies to go to loving homes.   Our goal is to never have one of our puppies enter a pound.

Recommended Items:
1.  Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush, Large, Coral
This brush is amazing.  We have tried many lesser brushes in the past.  It removes tangles and Matting rather easily.  The worst of matting may need extra help but this brush will make your life so much easier.  It is well worth the money.
You can buy it on Amazon or from us.  I have included a link.
We stock this brush at our home.  We will place it in your new puppy welcome kit if you purchase from us.  We do not mark the price up.  You will pay the same price as we paid at Amazon.   

Items purchased from us will be placed in your welcome basket.  You will receive the items with your puppy.





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Items purchased from us will be placed in your welcome basket.  You will receive the items with your puppy.

Wire Kennel.jpg

Home Depot Water Heater Pan and wood pellets.

Water Pan.jpg
Wood Pellets.jpg

Our puppies are in the process of being potty trained.  In their whelping pens we have a pan with about an inch of wood pellets.  The natural scent of the wood draws them in where they do their business.  By the time you receive your puppy he or she will hit the pellets most every time.

The pan makes it easy cleanup.  Just carry it out to the trash and dump it out.

We recommend that you place a pan and pellets where  you want your puppy to go.  When you take them out to go, have them on a leash.  Carry them to the pan and set them directly on the pellets.  Stand there quietly without giving any attention or distracting them.

Once they go, praise them, give them a treat, and lots of love.

This is also useful when traveling.  Many dogs won't like to go where it's not familiar or they think its time to walk or play.  Take a little container of pellets with you.  When you stop, put a small handful on the ground and it will let them know that it is time to do their business.

UV light for detecting accidents

UV light.jpg