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HOney and Phoenix's litter
mini Goldendoodles
 - Expected weight 25-30 lbs
Born - December 14th, 2023
Go home date Feb 11

Cost $2,500 - Reserve your new puppy today using the buy now button or contact us for additional electronic forms of payment


Honey - Dam
50 lbs


Phoenix - Sire
8 lbs

Eeyore (6).jpg
Eeyore (14).jpg
Eeyore (11).jpg

EEYORE - Reserved - Y Rabin

Piglet (7).jpg
Piglet (11).jpg
Piglet (8).jpg

PIGLET - Reserved - M Manzanares

Tigger (7).jpg
Tigger (13).jpg
Tigger (6).jpg

TIGGER - Reserved - A Carranza

Christopher Robin (11).jpg
Christopher Robin (14).jpg
Christopher Robin (6).jpg

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN - Reserved - D Golshan

Pooh Bear (7).jpg
Pooh Bear (13).jpg
Pooh Bear (9).jpg

POOH BEAR - Reserved - D Villanueva

Roo (7).jpg
Roo (19).jpg
Roo (5).jpg


Rabbit (8).jpg
Rabbit (6).jpg
Rabbit (9).jpg

RABBIT - Reserved D Pulsipher

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