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Reservation list for
Jersey and Charlie's litter
Goldendoodles - Expected weight 10-12 lbs
born Feb 8th, go home date april 1st

Cost $2,500 - Reserve your new puppy today using the buy now button or contact us for additional electronic forms of payment


Jersey - Dam
12 lbs


Charlie - Sire
11 lbs

Jersey's Litter 

Tad (1).jpg
Tad (3).jpg
Tad (4).jpg

Tad - Reserved - C Layseca

Smidgen (2).jpg
Smidgen (1).jpg
Smidgen (5).jpg

Smidgen - Reserved - S Giral

Dash (1).jpg
Dash (4).jpg
Dash (3).jpg

Dash - Reserved - N Ntow

Sprinkle (2).jpg
Sprinkle (4).jpg
Sprinkle (1).jpg

Sprinkle - Reserved - K McVey

We offer free delivery to Las Vegas and can personally deliver anywhere in the US if needed. Contact us for details 
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