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We strive to make the adoption process as easy on you and the puppies as possible. Buyers often have their mind set on a particular gender, color, or look. We will try our hardest to match you with your perfect puppy, but we also ask you to think carefully about what you are looking for with respect to the dog's personality. We are confident that whichever dog you choose, it will be an exceptional one. 

Steps To Adoption

Step 1:  Fill out the application by clicking here

Step 2:  Place a $300 deposit.  Select the "Buy Now" button to make your deposit or make your deposit using Venmo @Troy-Dennett-1.   

Please note that if you choose not to purchase a puppy from Dennett's Doodles after making the deposit, we will refund your payment less a 15% cancellation fee and any other expenses that were incurred in the process of preparing your puppy for delivery.  If emergency circumstances arise that would prevent you from being able to get your puppy, you may also choose to transfer your deposit to a future litter rather than cancel your reservation. 

Step 3:  Fill out and return your Puppy Contract.  Once you’ve paid the deposit, we will send you an e-mail with our Puppy Contract for you to complete and return.  We will also communicate with you to make sure we have all of your contact information.

Step 4:  Puppy Selection & Balance Due.  When the puppies are between 4 and 5 weeks old, we will contact you to pick your puppy.  (This will be in the order that deposits were made.) At this time, the remainder of the purchase price will be due.  You may pay via PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo @Troy-Dennett-1.  Payment in full is expected within 24 hours of selecting your puppy so that your reservation is secured.

If you are reserving your puppy after we have completed the puppy selection phase you will not make a deposit. Instead, you will pay the full purchase price to reserve your puppy.

Step 5:  Plan for Pick Up or Delivery.  Make plans with us on how you would like to receive your puppy when they are 8 weeks old.  

Delivery Options:

Picking up your puppy or using our front door delivery service is the best option. All delivery service expenses are the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Most buyers unable to drive to our home, choose our front door delivery service where we personally drive your puppy to your front door.  The delivery cost is $1.00 per mile from our home to yours. We can also meet at a pre-determined location.  The cost to meet at a location is also $1.00 per mile.  If you need other transportation options, please contact us and we can get you pricing. Our front door delivery service is available for most litters but is not guaranteed for every litter.  

Step 6:  Prepare.  Stay updated and prepare your home for your new arrival.

We recommend that you have the following items prior to your puppies arrival:

 * A kennel with a divider which will allow you to increase the available space for your puppy as it grows.

 * A collar, leash, and ID tag

 * Puppy shampoo and brush.  We prefer the brush shown with the link as it works great in preventing mats.

 * Puppy Food

 * Plenty of chew toys!

 * Bowls for food and water

Step 7:  Puppy Go Home Day!  When your puppy is 8 weeks old they are ready to go to your home as a loving new addition to the family. Whether you plan to pick up your puppy or have it delivered, your new family member will provide all the sweet puppy perks for you to enjoy! 

Congratulations and welcome to the Dennett's Doodles Family!

A sample packet of NuVet Canine supplement will come with your welcome kit.  We advise giving this to your puppy until at least 2 years old.  If you purchase and use NuVet supplements for the first 2 years, we extend our 1 year health guarantee for the full 2 years.






Reserve your puppy today!